TGIF, It’s been a long week! I started phase 1 of the women’s christian discipleship program here in South Seattle. The classes are great in learning and having a closer relationship with GOD, but it’s the the devil worshiping women here that ruin it. Most are felons, and have already sold their soul’s to the devil! They are coming into my room frequently to kill, steal and destroy everything that belongs to me. I am being stalked everytime I leave the building, and in addition to that, I’m constantly, attacked and TORTURED with frequencies, lasers, microwaves or PSYCOTRONICS, from (PSYCHOPATHS). Whatever they can use, that will do the most damage, and cause me the most pain and agony…DOES BULLYING RING ANY BELLS? I’m now sure there’s v2k, mind control, and probably illegal implants. I’ve done enough research to figure out some of the implants are in my genital area, hence… Electronic sexual assault and RAPE. These implants were probably illegally implanted at ST. Joe’s hospital in Tacoma Washington, in 2011. I’m sure my ex, Wolfgang Bischoff (alias) Daniel Davis, his son Karl Bischoff, and girlfriend, Alysha are involved? They tried to kill me last year in California, and I barely escaped with my life, which is why I’m homeless once again. Wolfgang verbally, emotionally, and physically assaulted (BEAT) me for 30 years, and the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as Karl is just like his father, abusing and attempting to MURDER, his own mother. I would not be surprised to find out they have a large insurance policy on me. It’s bad enough that Wolfgang, Karl and incredibly (fat) Alysha, tortured, and attempted to murder me, but they did the same to my poor innocent dog…Simon. May God have mercy on their soul’s! He knows what they have done to me, and sees what they are doing now. Everything hidden, will be brought to LIGHT!

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